Available Homes in Hatch Lake – 1/15/20

Check out the five new homes available in Hatch Lake!  The Cavanaugh One & 1/2-Story on Lot #39; 806 Maghera Drive, the Duncan Ranch on Lot #66; 815 Maghera Drive, the Fairview Two-Story on Lot #83; 3656 Traemore Drive, the Bridgeton Two-Story on Lot #69; 805 Maghera Drive and the Windsor Ranch on Lot #48; 902 Maghera Drive.

Please see the five flyers below for more detail, or give us a call at 219-395-8400.

Lot #39 – Cavanaugh Flyer

Lot #66 – Duncan Flyer

Lot #83 – Fairview Flyer

Lot #69 – Bridgeton Flyer

Lot #48 – Windsor Flyer



Available Homes in Hatch Lake – 3/6/18

Please check out the three new homes available in Hatch Lake.  The Conway ranch plan on Lot 12; 706 Hatch Lake Parkway with a stunning view of the lake.  The Pickford two-story on Lot 16; 714 Hatch Lake Parkway with a beautiful wooded view in the back and The Windsor ranch plan on Lot 100; 609 Hatch Lake Parkway.  Please see the three flyers for more detail, or give us a call at 219-395-8400 for more detail.

Lot 12; Conway Flyer

Lot 16 Pickford Flyer

Lot 100 Windsor Flyer


Hatch Lake Update – 8/24/17

Quick update on things out here in Hatch Lake. We now have 10 families living the subdivision and have started on our 20th home. It was almost exactly one year ago that we started on our 1st; the model home. We’re also excited that the permanent entrance sign install has started.

Hatch Lake Grand Opening – Sunday March 12th @ Noon

Looks like we are going to formally open our model on Sunday, March 12 at noon! We aren’t going to have a huge event as we are not sure we can handle many more sales right now!! However, we will be open. Stop by and see our Conway model and the Ashford spec house will be open too!

Open House Saturday February 11th – 11-2pm

We’re getting close to having our model open! The office/selection room is about done. Jay and I will be out this Saturday from 11-2 if you want to stop by. Follow the sidewalk around back.